11 things you cannot put in the microwave

11 things you should never put in the microwave


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In real world, there are numerous things you cannot do it. Check you might use in cooking and might want to put in the microwave.


Let see 11 things you should not put in the microwave.


1. Eggs

A lot of people may think that we can put the eggs in the microwave. Therefore, if you really want to heat the egg fast, please just be patient. When you put the eggs into the microwave, it will go to explode. When eggs heat in the microwave, due to it’s temperature increase immediately. Eventually, eggs will explode.


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2. Paper or plastic bag

Never never put any bags in the microwave! If you put it in a long time, paper will burn, plastic bags… I think everyone will know what’s happening.

paper bags


3. Foods with tomato sauces

If you put any food with tomato sauce without and cover. Then, things will going to be like that.

explode tomato


4. Fruits

You may think we can put some fruit in the microwave. If you do, you are going to make trouble by yourselves. While it is not too common, fruits in microwave can be fruit dangerous! Especially Grapes! Grapes will flame if one splits open while in the microwave.


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5. Chili

When chili temperature is increasing, it may brunt! When you put chili away, some liquid inside chili may explode. Think about if this liquid come into your eyes, you may need to stay in a hospital a month.


6. Tin foil and utensils
Hopefully everyone knows about this: all metal should be kept away from the microwave! While thick metal, like the walls of the microwave can withstand the waves produced by the microwave, thin metals like tin foil heat quickly. Along with heating, the uneven surfaces on some metal items, like the tines on a fork or the bumps in tin foil, can create electric arcs. Combine these arcs with the quickly heated metal and you have all the elements necessary for a major fire.


7. Blows or plate with metal

Again, all metal cannot put into microwave!


8. Plastic container

Not all of plastic container also available put it into microwave. Here is a photo to help you how to distinguish what kind of plastic container can put it into microwave. Only have PS6 signal and some sentence states “Microwave Save” container can put in microwave.

Plastic container signal

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9. Boil water

This one may sound a little weird, but trying to boil water in the microwave can actually be very dangerous. The microwave heats the water but on rare occasions the water doesn’t boil, it just gets superheated. When a foreign object, like a tea bag, meets the water the boiling process happens suddenly and violently. This is especially dangerous because it doesn’t explode in the confined space inside the microwave, but instead explodes in your hands as you try to turn that water into some tasty hot tea.

A safer way to boil water is to put something in it: some cocoa mix, a tea bag, or even a small wooden spoon.

Because this one is a little strange sounding here is a quick video on boiling water from the Discovery channel’s Myth busters:

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10. Marshmallow Peeps

Microwaving a Peep is a lot of fun, but also very unsafe. If you decide to do this next Easter (since it is all Peeps are good for in my opinion), be careful about it. Don’t stick them in there for 5 minutes; this could catch the Peep on fire. Instead watch the Peep carefully and only put it in there for a short period of time, and then you can watch it expand to about 200% of its original size.

However, once you remove the Peep from the microwave and watch it deflate like a sad souffle please don’t eat it. This is really dangerous! While the Peep may seem safe to eat on the outside it is molten marshmallow on the inside and will burn your mouth so terribly you may not taste anything for the next 2 weeks!

In case you have never seen this here is a quick clip. This clip also demonstrates that if you leave it in there too long it will eventually stop expanding and just start to burn. And I know that this guy touches the Peep after he cooks it, but that is what is so deceiving about them: the sugar on the outside remains relatively cool while the inside is molten-hot. Enjoy the Godzilla-Peep:


11. Nothing

You may think this is ridiculous. But that is true! If you don’t put somethings in the microwave, and start using microwave. It may explode! So, be carefully! It is really dangerous!


I believe that most of them you may also know. But I believe that you may do not know one or two things. Therefore, if you really learn some things in this article. Please like and share to let more people know their importance.


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