10 facts about Sunscreen! Don’t get burned! You Should Know This Summer

SUMMER is on going process… feeling excited with it ? SUN & BEACH != Perfect match ! But be aware the hot sun, it gives you the most pleasant moment, in the same time is raise a potential harm on your skin if you playing under ultraviolet light for a long time. So, never forget to do enough preparation before any outdoor activities in such nice weather with a super nice sunshine.

Here got a video telling us the scary facts about sunscreen.


The following 10 tips are all related to precautionary measures which helps protect your skin to get rid of any ultraviolet negative effect.

1. Sunscreen for the health!

Many people believe that the the purpose of prevent sunshine is reduce the chance to get tanning, however the main focus should put on  the aging of the skin, if cause is more serious, it can burn your skin without doubt. Thus, even your skin can keep the color tone won’t bronze easily, you have to do the protective measures in anytime.


2. Not only sunny day but for the Cloudy day , sunscreen is needed

When there is time you stay indoor, it doesn’t mean you no need to apply sunscreen. If you think it deeply, you will realize that ultraviolet rays can penetrate clouds, glass, or enter the room through the reflection wall, also indoor fluorescent lamp will emit ultraviolet rays generally.



3. The higher the SPF, fave a better performance to prevent UV?!

Basically, SPF represent delayed skin due to exposure to UVB and red sun time to SPF30. For example, when SPF30 then the time delay in red sun 30 times (if exposed to sunlight 15 minutes red sun, when the sun red SPF30 may extend to 15×30 = 450 minutes, but the length of time the sun is variable aspect). In fact, SPF15 and SPF30 protective effect against UVB, only have a tiny difference of  3.3%, while the protective effect SPF50 and SPF100 basically not much big different.



4. The suitable amount of using Sunscreen everytime

Mast people argue the point that Sunscreen will make skin “whitening”, but in whole part of face the full and neck just needed about five coins amount to apply on the face and neck. And usually we often ignore the other part,  such as the back neck, ears, feet, we shouldn’t forget to apply sunscreen in those part as well .



5.  Only get SPF factor or PA is enough? ANS : No!

SPF is a coefficient representative of blocking UVB, and PA barrier represents the higher wavelength UVA. In simple terms, UVB sun will make the skin red and sunburn, UVA exposure is linked to dermal layer of the skin which lead to pigmentation, skin aging and even skin cancer. That’s the reason why the selection of sunscreen must be sure the sunscreen have both SPF and PA coefficient.




6. High coefficient of sunscreen don’t need to painted up!

No matter how much sun protection factor, we need to be sure to touch up, since no matter how high coefficient of sunscreen are, due to sweat out oil where they fail, it is recommended to every 3-4 hours once painted the sunscreen again, espically in outdoors, we need to apply onve again in every  2 hours,by doing this, it will have the greatest protection.


7. Hooded would not have sunscreen? No!

Generally speaking, clothing have a little sun protection such as a large sombrero Coming to SPF3-6 sunscreen efficacy, usually clothes have SPF6, but certainly they’re not as efficacious as sunscreen. Hence, I highly recommended you not only apply sunscreen,but also dressed with anti-UV function clothing and sunglasses for extra protection.


8. Physical vs chemical sunscreen sunscreen good side?

Types of sunscreen have divided into physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. Physical sunscreens against physical type of barrier is to block UV light, the advantage is to  play as a sun protection instantly, but we need to apply thicker, so it seems will  cause whitening. On the other hand, Chemical sunscreen is against the surface of the skin to absorb ultraviolet rays of the sun, refreshing texture is relatively physical sun, but some components prone to be sensitive, but also will play a role in the smear after 15-20 minutes. Physical and chemical sunscreen sunscreen actually have their advantages, so it’s all depends on your perspective when choose the most suitable product.


9. Sunscreen  does not need makeup remover? No!

Among the market, sunscreen products include lots of multi-color effect, plus waterproof and sweat formula, which actually same as cosmetic. General cleanser can’t completely wash away, it may remain in the face and give a good condition to crate acne, acne. Therefore, unless sunscreen has mentioned that this products doesn’t need to makeup remover, otherwise must use cleanser products to lifted the sunscreen.


10. Multi-coated layers can make the sunscreen of doubles? No!

Usually we use skin care products or cosmetics may already included certain amount of sunscreen, wondering whether it can be able to apply more layers to increase the protection level ? The answer is NO. Whether we applied several multi layer sunscreen,it  would only equal to the highest degree cast. For instance, if the daily moisturizing cream has SPF15, SPF30 of foundation as well as SPF10 powder, totally the surface of your face will have SPF30), sadly but true that it doesn’t help to enhance performance of the protection.


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